Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Production Kits Overdue

Hello, all.

Those students who do not turn in their Production Kits to the Equipment Room by tomorrow (Thursday, December 13, 3pm) will get a 0 on their Trek 03 grades. Those who don't turn in their kits by Wednesday, December 19 will have a hold placed on their records by the Film Department. If you don't resolve this, you will be held financially responsible for the replacement of the equipment, and you will lose your checkout privileges.

If you have already turned in your kits, thank you. If you haven't, it's now a week past the deadline, so, do the right thing and turn in those kits.

You can access your final grades on PAWS by December 27th. After that date, I will remove all your names from the course PantherList listserv, so that you won't accidentally receive any eloquent messages from me in the Spring.

Thank you all for a wonderful semester, and I wish you all the best in your future studies at UWM (hopefully in the Film Department).

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Last Week of Instruction

It's hard to believe, but the final week of instruction is upon us.

On Monday, we will meet in MUS 180 for the last of our Trek 03 screenings. We would like to see all of you there, even if your video has already been shown.

[ Technical note: one possible scenario for those whose videos are published correctly in PantherFile but are not fully loading in Blogger--if you are using Quicktime, the problem may be forgetting to export the sound along with the video (after pressing "Option" in the "Export/Save As" window, you have to click "Sound" as well as "Video"). ]

I received a report from Brooke Swelstad in the Equipment Room, and she has yet to receive production kits from 42 of you. That's a lot in a class of 97. I understand that some of you needed some extra time to gather some last-minute material, but by now you should have been finished with your final video, or at least well into the fine-tuning stage of editing. We cannot grade your final project until your kit has been turned in. The Equipment Room will continue to monitor the kits, and any further delay may halt your course grade and you could lose your equipment checkout privileges.

There is no final in this class, so Wednesday is our last class meeting.

See you tomorrow.