Monday, December 8, 2008

Differential Tuition

Hello, all.

In order to dedicate the entire class Wednesday to the screening of
Rivers and Tides, I humbly ask all of you to fill out the Differential
Tuition survey online between now and Wednesday. It should only take a
few minutes, and your input will help influence how the Differential
Tuition money is spent.

Following is the text of the letter from Rob Yeo.




In order to better support your production and studies in the Film
Department, we are asking that you complete a 2009-10 Differential
Tuition Survey Form.

For the first time, you now have the option of doing this
electronically, by going to

Paper forms will also be provided in classes this week, but if you make
out the form now, you will not have to do it again during class time.
One form, either electronic or paper, is all that we need from you.

I do understand that you are very busy now, but the survey form is
short, so please take a few minutes to fill it out. Each of the
questions has room for additional suggestions & comments.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Rob Yeo
Associate Professor & Chair
Department of Film
Peck School of the Arts

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Drift 2 Screening, Research Blogs

Hello, all.

Tomorrow (Monday, December 8) we meet in B91 for the final round of
Drift 2 screenings.

By now you should be all finished with your Research Blogs, which I will
finish grading this week.

Our final class meeting will be Wednesday, December 10, when we will
screen "Rivers and Tides," a documentary on the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

And, if you have sent me an e-mail recently, I hope to respond to you soon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Drift 2 Screenings, Video Hardware/Software Response

Hello, all.

We meet again tomorrow (Wednesday, December 3) for the second round of
Drift 2 Screenings. Attendance is required, even if we have already
screened your video.

Tomorrow (by 3 PM) is also the deadline for your Video Hardware/Software
response to be posted to your Research Blog.

See you all tomorrow.

Reminder: Student Film and Video Festival

Forwarded Message:

The submission deadline for this semesters Student film and video
festival is almost here! You can pick up admission forms in the MIT B70
film office, or print out the one attached to this email...

The Student Film and Video Festival at the Union Theater is an important
tradition here at UWM, and along with the Senior Screening makes for an
exciting weekend at the end of each semester.

This year's festival will be programed by a panel of five judges:

Renato Umali
Melissa Musante
Jonathan Jackson
Ross Nugent
Brent Coughenour

Please submit your work on mini-DV or plug 'n play DVD in the Film
office (Mitchell B70) by 5pm on December 5th (This Friday!)

You can submit as many works as you like, as long as they have were
completed after the start of the Fall 07 Semester, i.e. projects
produced during past semesters (since August 2007)are also eligible, as
long as they have not been screened as part of a prior Student F&V

Forms are available in the office... if you have any questions you can
email Tim Sienko at

Screening information:
Friday, December 12 - 7pm - Free Screening
Student Film Festival
A juried showcase of the best short films and videos from the students
of the pioneering UWM Film Department.

Saturday, December 13th, 7 pm
Senior Screening
Completed projects from advanced and graduating film students, from Film
509/510 class.