Sunday, June 29, 2008

Drif1 1 Work Session, Monday, June 30

Hello all.

I hope you had a productive weekend, and that you were able to get some good material on your walks.

Review the Drift 1 page here:

Also review the PantherFile and Blogger tutorials:

Remember to use the Course Directory to check the URL you will use for your Drift 1 blog:

Here are examples of Drift 1 blogs from previous semesters:

And, finally, if you get a chance, read (or listen to) the following articles:

Tomorrow (Monday, June 30) is a work session, and I will be in B18 all afternoon to help out with whatever issues you may be having with editing/uploading recordings and building your blogs.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drift 1 walk

Hello, all.

Good luck tomorrow with your Drift walks. The weather looks good for tomorrow afternoon, so please take advantage of the open class time and get those walks done.

A clarification on the Drift Maps. Remember that you have to make a master Drift Map that shows the outermost shape of your Drift area, a tracing of the line(s) of your walk as determined by your Drift Strategy, along with date/time/location/description of the soundmarks that you encountered on your walk. The Map should also indicate that you are exploring Milwaukee, Wisconsin (or whatever town).

The Drift Map may be hand-drawn, collaged, painted, Photoshopped, or GoogleMap . . . your choice.

Tutorials page (Blogger, PantherFile, Audacity, etc.)

Have a productive walk, a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Preparation for Drift 1

Hello, all.

We did really well today by getting our microphones built in only an hour-and-a-half. That frees up our schedule quite a bit, which means that Thursday will be dedicated entirely to your Drift walks. Tomorrow, then, features an overview of Drift 1, along with demos of SonicStage, Audacity, PantherFile, and Blogger. We have a lot to cover, but bring your kits just in case we have some time to review your recordings.

Tonight, review the manual for the Minidisc recorder:

Review the Field Audio section of the Tutorials page:

If you are working on a laptop or a computer at home, download and install SonicStage 3.4:

If you are using Vista, you must use version 4.3:

Download and install Audacity, including the LAME MP3 encoder:

If you have time, read Debord, Guy. "Theory of the Dérive," and Ferrington, Gary. "On A Clear Day I Can Hear Forever."

And, finally, remember to register for the Technical Forum by tomorrow at 1 PM, and post your survey by Thursday at 1 PM.

See you all tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting Ready for Microphone Building

Hello, all.

We hit the ground running tomorrow. Riverwest Film and Video is open until 11 PM tonight, so if you haven't yet picked up your supplies, do it soon.

Remember to sign up on the Technical Forum by Wednesday, June 25:

In order to post your responses to the Survey, you will need to create a Google account. Complete the survey and post it as a comment to this post on the Course Blog by Thursday, June 26, 1 PM:

Please review the Soldering Demo. Since we have such a small class, I can demo while you follow along with your own mics. If all goes well, we should be able to finish and test everyone's mic rigs by the end of class tomorrow.

If you have a chance, read: Hart, Joseph. "A New Way of Walking."

I'll see you all tomorrow.

FILM 116 Survey

FILM 116 Survey

1. What is your name (first, last)?

2. Do you have a preferred name or nickname you would like us to use?

3. Do you own your own computer? If so, what platform (Mac, PC), and what operating system (Windows XP/Vista, Mac Tiger/Leopard, Linux, unsure)? If not, have you had experience with Mac or PC or both?

4. Do you own a digital camera and/or video camera? If so, describe your gear, and talk a little bit about your experience capturing still and moving images.

5. Have you ever edited a video before? If so, what software did you use?

6. Have you worked with sound (or music) before, either performing, recording, or processing? If so, please describe.

7. Who are your favorite filmmakers?

8. What are some of your favorite films?

9. Who or what inspired you to pursue studies in Film?

10. What kind of career do you imagine for yourself in Film or other Media Arts?

11. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Post your responses to this survey as a comment to this post by Thursday, June 26, 1 PM.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer 2008 Supplies


As the instructor for FILM 116 Experimentation With Media this Summer, I write to give you advanced notice of the supplies needed for this class. I will dedicate some class time on Monday, June 23 to buy supplies, but if you would like to get a head start . . .

All supplies are available from Riverwest Film and Video, 24 East Center St., Milwaukee, WI 53212, hours: 3-11pm daily, 414-265-8433. Just tell them that you are taking FILM 116 and they will set you up.

A GoogleMap is here:

Here are the supplies you will need by the start of class time Tuesday, June 24:

* Two (2) Rapid 35-0190 Electret microphone capsules for your DIY stereo mics ($2.50 for two)

* One (1) stereo audio cable with dual RCA male to single stereo mini (1/8") plug, 1.5m (4 feet, 11 inches) (about $5) (if it's not red and white, don't buy it!)

* Two (2) alligator clips

* One 1GB HD MIniDisc (~$7 each)

* One (1) pair of enclosed-ear design headphones, such as Maxell HP-550 MXA Full-Sized Digital Headphones, or JVC HA-G101 Stereo Headphones (~$12) (feel free to use your own headphones if you already have a pair)

* Eight (8) AA size regular or rechargeable batteries (+ charger).

* You don't need these right away, but you will need them eventually: Ten (10) blank CD-R discs or five (5) blank DVD-R discs for transporting your sound back and forth from the lab PCs, and for making back-up copies of your still photo, audio, and video files (available anywhere, less than $1.25 each, and less if you buy in bulk).

I look forward to meeting all of you and working with you in class. It's going to be a fun four weeks!