Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Supply Update

Just a quick note to update you on the supply situation. Several of you have e-mailed to tell me that Riverwest Film and Video is all out of supplies (or out of some but not others). All of the gear, except for the mic capsules, can be found elsewhere. If you can’t find rechargeable batteries, for example, just pick up standard batteries anywhere for now (rechargeable are cheaper in the long run, though). There is a stash of mic capsules here in the Film Department, so we will have some for sale this afternoon. If you could not purchase the other supplies, please show up anyway to observe the mic building sessions. If we can't get your mics finished today, we will wrap it all up on Monday.

Please let me know if you do not have access to your own computer and you plan to work in MIT B-18 after hours--I will need to arrange for you to get card-swipe access. You mentioned this information in your surveys, but it’s good to get confirmation here. Thanks for the surveys, by the way--they will definitely help us get to know all of you better.

It’s good to see some Trek 01 Start Points coming in. A draft of the GoogleMaps Tutorial is now online, for those who are interested: