Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trek 03 Screenings

Now that we are done with the individual crits, we move on to the final stages of Trek 03 and the final four class meetings for this semester.

Starting on Monday, December 3, we will begin screening your final Trek 03 clips, so make sure they are as complete as possible. Because we will draw names at random, you will not know when your video will be screened, so your attendance is mandatory for all sessions, even if your work has already been shown. It is as important that you see the work of your peers as it is to have your work seen by your peers.

If your final clip is not available on your blog when your name comes up, we will screen one of your rough clips, and you will be docked 5 points for not having your final video ready.

We will not grade your Trek 03 project, however, until after December 12, our final class meeting. So you will have some time to make last-minute adjustments to your final video and to your blog as a whole.

The grading criteria for Trek 03 is here:

Some of you are experiencing technical problems with your recorders, Audacity, Avid, and/or other aspects of your projects, so please remember to use the Technical Forum to search for possible solutions or to post your question if you can't find an answer. That way we can better help you troubleshoot the issue.

Remember that we meet Monday in MUS 180.

Good luck, and have a productive weekend.