Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clarification on Reflective Responses

Just a quick note to clarify the reading assignments for the Reflective Responses.

The first Reflective Response is centered around the ideas of place, landscape and mapping, and is due February 11. Articles/programs for this response include Cresswell, Cross, Debord, Hiss, Lopate, Lippard, and This American Life.

The second Reflective Response is all about sound, and this is due February 18th. Articles for this response include Delahanty, Ferrington, Hill, Peterson, Russolo, Toop, and Westerkamp.

I have staggered the readings so that you are reading some articles on place and others on sound simultaneously. This way you are introduced to ideas and thoughts about both mapping and sound from the beginning, so that when you go out on Drift 1 after February 6th, you will already have lots of ideas and questions swirling around in your heads as you walk through the city pointing your microphones in interesting directions and collecting unique sounds.

So, for instance, if you've read the Ferrington article and it really sparked some ideas and you want to write about it, then wait until the second Response, which is not due until February 18. By the time we get to the deadline for the first Response, February 11, you will have read all of the articles on place/mapping and hopefully one or more will have sparked something in you as well.

In summary, you will be writing Response #1 on place/mapping, and Response #2 on sound.

We'll see you all on Monday, 3 PM, in MUS 180 for an overview of the first Drift assignment.