Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Class Canceled, Soldering Sessions, Prep for February 11

Hello, all.

Now that UWM has officially canceled afternoon and evening classes, we will not be meeting this afternoon. We have a soldering session going on right now until 3 PM, and we will also have a session tomorrow, Thursday, 10-12 noon and Friday, 12-2 PM, both in B-18.

On Monday, February 11, Seth will lead a session during his office hours, 12:30-2:30, in B-18. You can also e-mail your Lab Instructor to see if there are any other times this week or on Monday when you can get in some soldering time. Remember to check the directory to confirm your Lab Section:

Since we are missing class this afternoon, we will have to postpone our field recording practice session until Monday. At that time we will go over the operation of the MD recorder with tips on how to capture and manage your recordings.

If you feel you are ready with your microphone rig, however, and you are comfortable with your MD Recorder, then please feel free to go out on your Drift this weekend. I will be adjusting the Course Schedule to make up for the lost day, so, check the syllabus within the next few days for any changes:

Remember your assignments for this weekend:

* Review the MD Recorder Operating Guide.

* If you wish, get a head start on Audacity by checking out these links:

* Read Peterson and listen to This American Life: Mapping

* Post your Reflective Response #1 (Mapping) to one of the following readings as a comment to Mapping blog post: Cresswell, Cross, Debord, Hiss, Lopate, Lippard, This American Life (note that Joseph Hart's essay, "A New Way of Walking," is not included among your possibilities). The deadline for this Monday, February 11, 3 PM.

Have a warm and safe weekend, and we'll see you at a soldering session or in class on Monday in MUS 180 (bring your kits, batteries, MD disc, microphones, headphones!).


P.S. We will be covering this on Monday, but if you want to get a head start, here are the steps to get your MD recorder ready to record:

Make sure you are in Advanced Mode:
* Press and hold Menu for 2 Seconds.
* Rotate jog wheel until "Option" appears.
* Press "Enter" (middle button).
* Rotate to "Menu Mode," Enter.
* Rotate to "Advanced," Enter.

Make sure your discs are in Hi-MD mode:
* Menu
* Option
* Disc Mode
* Hi-MD

Make sure your discs are in Hi-SP mode:
* Menu
* REC Set
* REC Mode
* Hi-SP

Make sure you check your Mic Sensitivity:
* Menu
* REC Set
* Mic Sens
* “High” for general ambience
* “Low” for loud situations or very close mic

Make sure you are in Manual Gain mode while recording:
* Hold down Pause (II) and press REC (+>) (“Record Pause”)
* Menu
* REC Set
* REC Volume
* Manual
* You have to do this each time you hit STOP or power up your recorder.