Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drift 2 This Weekend!

Hello all.

This weekend is definitely the time to go out on Drift 2, especially with this break in the weather. Please don't wait until the weekend before the Help Sessions starting on March 10.

Please review the details of Drift 2 (especially for those who missed the overview lecture today). The Drift 2 page is here:

Here are the things you need to do this weekend:

1. Create your Drift 2 blog and post your new Drift Strategy and two Image Capturing Strategies (remember to check the Course Directory to verify your Drift 2 Blog URL):

2. Download and install Quicktime Pro. If you plan to experiment with an alternative freeware/open source video editor, please check with me first. You can also use Quicktime Pro on one of the computers in MIT-B18 and 353.

3. Go on Drift 2.

4. Read Sontag and "What is Alternative Cinema?" (please note that this second article does not count as a possibility for your Reflective Response).

Good luck, and have a great weekend.