Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Preparation for Wednesday, February 6

Hello, all.

Thanks for your patience and perseverance in soldering your microphones. Nearly all of you were able to build a finished, working stereo microphone. However, we will have an additional soldering session tomorrow, Wednesday, February 6, starting at 1 PM, in B-18. So, if you were unable to finish your mic, or you need to test your mic or fix a windscreen, please feel free to drop by.

We will meet as a class at 3 PM in B-91 before breaking out into the lab sections for a mandatory field recording practice session (we will be taking attendance). Bring your production kit, mics, Hi-MD minidisc, headphones, and fresh batteries.

Hopefully it will stop snowing by class time, but, if the weather is still really bad, we'll pick some indoor or sheltered locations. You can protect your MD recorder by wrapping it in a plastic bag and keeping it in your pocket, and your microphones should be fine for a few minutes in light snow with the windscreens, but you can also protect them with plastic bags for stationary recording.

There were some bad links on the syllabus, which led some of you to last semester's version of the syllabus. Hopefully I've fixed these errors and you'll now be pointed to the correct information. (Sorry for the confusion.)

To clarify: After you finish creating your Drift Map (preferably with a Start Point indicated), post the Tiny URL as a comment to this post on the Course Blog:

The deadline for this is tomorrow, February 6, 5 PM.

Remember that the Drift Map is an ongoing space where you will be documenting all of the sights, sounds, and events for all three of your Drifts. The hand-drawn map is a requirement for Drift 1 (and an option for Drifts 2 and 3) that will serve as the visual component for the sounds posted in your Drift 1 blog.

Remember to read Hiss and Westerkamp.

Please note that the syllabus (as well as all of the sub-pages) are being updated throughout the semester, so remember to refresh your browser when viewing the syllabus.

See you tomorrow.


P.S. Someone left Kit #44 in B-18. I have it in my office--you can pick it up during my office hours tomorrow 10-11, or during class.