Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SonicStage and Audacity issues

Hello, all.

We saw a few more of you today during the Help Sessions, and we hope that you are all well along on your Drifts.

If you are using SonicStage at home, there are some specific steps you have to take to make sure that your recordings convert to WAV (and, contrary to my earlier note, SonicStage DOES allow WAV transfers in Vista). I've added the new screenshots to the SonicStage tutorial (thanks, Steve). The added sections also detail how to save your files to the right folder on the Desktop so you can find them when you're ready to backup.

Some of you may have recordings that are a little "hot," or really loud. This is because the manual gain setting may have been too high while you were recording. Or it could be due to an particularly sensitive batch of microphone capsules from Riverwest Film and Video, or the exceptional precision and skill with which you were able to solder your leads, resulting in crystal clear connections.

In any case, if your recordings are a bit too hot, you can open them in Audacity, highlight the problem areas (or the whole file if necessary), go into "Effect," and select "Amplify." Slide the horizontal slider to the left (you are basically "de-amplifying"). You may have to play around a bit to get the right levels. Remember that you can always "Undo."

I've requested that your PantherFile allotments be increased to 2GB. This may take a few days, but in the meantime you should have plenty of room to store your MP3s for Drift 1.

Good luck this weekend. We will have mandatory Critique sessions in your Lab Sections on Monday at 3 PM, so your Drift Blogs have to be done by then. If you have any technical problems between now and then, remember to search the Technical Forum for any possible solutions, and post your question if you can't find an answer.