Sunday, March 9, 2008

Open Lab Help Sessions, Monday, March 10

Hello, all.

Monday, March 10, is dedicated to open lab Help Sessions, and all of the instructors will be available to help troubleshoot your video issues. We will also be glad to look at your clips (or raw footage) and give you feedback on what you have so far. Bring your laptop or have your work backed up on CD-R or an external drive. If you are looking for feedback, it would help if your rough clips are posted on your blog.

Here is the schedule:

B18: Steve, Lilly, and David
B56: Seth, Julie, and Alex
B65: Glenn (bring your laptops, or we will look at your work online)

Please note that the deadline for the third Reflective Response (image) is this Wednesday, March 12, at 3 PM. Make sure to keep up with your readings: Bachman, GreenCine, MacDonald, Miller, Sontag, Trachtenberg. (Please note that the article, "What is Alternative Cinema," does not count as a possibility for this Reflective Response.)

Also note that I have changed my office hours to MW 1-2 PM.

We'll see you tomorrow.