Sunday, September 7, 2008

Audio Cables and Soundwalk Prep

Hello, all.

I've had a report that Riverwest Film & Video ran out of audio cables,
and I'm waiting to hear back when they might be in stock again. You can
get them elsewhere, but you have to be careful to buy the right kind.
They are 6 ft, stereo mini plug to RCA, and they should look like this:

If the RCA ends are not red and white, don't buy it. If the cable is
being marketed as a high-end professional audio cable, don't buy it.

These should be stocked by our UWM bookstore, and are also available at
Best Buy, Fry's, Circuit City, Sears, etc. Be careful shopping at Radio
Shack, since they tend to carry higher priced cables that may or may not
be appropriate for this project.

We will meet in B-91 at 3 PM for a Blogger Demo before we break out into
our lab sections for our soundwalks. Remember that the lab sections are
listed on the Course Directory:

Don't forget to wear good shoes and comfortable clothing for the
soundwalk, preferably clothes that don't make a lot of noise (avoid high
heels or hard-soled shoes, nylon sweat pants, windbreakers, anything
with big zippers, etc.). Also, remember to bring a notepad and pen.