Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drift 1 Help Session

Hello, all.

Tomorrow, October 1, is dedicated to an open Help Session for any and
all technical, procedural, and aesthetic issues arising from your Drift
1 experiences. We will be available in B18 to help you troubleshoot
SonicStage, Audacity, PantherFile, Blogger, and map scanning. We can
also review your materials and give you feedback on how to make the best
decisions in editing your work.

Please note that this is a Help Session dedicated to troubleshooting,
and we are happy to help in whatever ways we can, but we ask that you
come prepared: we will assume that you've already attempted to transfer
your recordings via SonicStage, completed some editing in Audacity, and
had some experience with PantherFile and Blogger after posting your
Research Blogs.

We hope to see you tomorrow.