Sunday, November 16, 2008

Individual Crits continue

Hello, all.

We continue the second round of Individual Crits tomorrow (Monday,
November 17). Unless otherwise noted, you will be meeting your Lab
Instructor in your lab room. If you are not scheduled for a crit
tomorrow, then use class time to work on Drift 2. I will be in my
office (B60) during class hours.

I will be presenting a brief overview on the work of Aaron Ximm in Carl
Bogner's FILM 202 class tomorrow, 11 am in the UWM Recital Hall (MUS
175). I'll also be performing a live, improvised mix of Ximm's field
recordings. All are welcome.

I moved the deadline for the third Reading Response to December 7 in
order to give you more time between now and the Final Screenings to
finish your Drift 2 blogs:

I also added a link to an iMovie Guide on the Tutorials page. This
includes tips on how to remove the default "Ken Burns" effect on your
still imagery (page 42):