Monday, January 26, 2009

Prep for Wednesday, January 28

Hello, all.

Welcome, again, to FILM 116. We have a busy semester ahead of us, and
a productive one as well, I hope.

Some reminders:

We meet again on Wednesday, 3 PM, B91, for a demo on Blogger and
PantherFile. We will also listen to previous examples of Drift 1
recordings, as well as go through a preview of microphone building.

Remember to post your Survey answers as a comment to this post on the
Course Blog by Sunday, February 1, 5 PM:

Also, register for the Technical Forum, also by Sunday:

Here is the link to the list of required supplies that you will need to
purchase by Monday, February 9:

All of these supplies (except for the optional faux fur and soldering
wand) are available from Riverwest Film and Video, 824 East Center St.,
Milwaukee, WI 53212, Hours: 3-11pm daily, 414-265-8433)

Remember to keep up on your reading. To prepare for Monday's Soundwalk,
make sure you've gotten through Hart, Westerkamp, Debord, and Sant.

Note that my updates to the syllabus and schedule are ongoing, so please
be patient!

See you all on Wednesday.