Friday, February 13, 2009

Upcoming Deadlines

Hello, all.

We have a deadline today, Friday, February 13. By 9 PM you should have
published your Drift 1 Blog, with a title, a Drift Strategy, and a Start
Point (possibly included in an early version of your Drift 1 Map).

Remember to check the Course Directory to copy the exact URL you will be
using for your Drift 1 Blog:

Review the Drift 1 page for instructions, requirements, and suggestions
for your Drift Strategy:

You can also review the Drift 1 PowerPoint lecture:


The other deadline is Sunday, February 15, 5 PM: post your Drift Atlas
Blog, which at this point will contain your Soundwalk Response. This
includes the answers to the Soundwalk questions, your overall Soundwalk
area map, your Sound/Body map, and your original notes/log.

Just like the Drift 1 Blog, the URL for your Drift Atlas can be found on
the Course Directory. Remember that the Course Directory is the
mechanism by which we review and audition your work for grading and
class critiques, so it's critical that the locations of your blogs are
correctly linked on the Course Directory.

Review the Drift Atlas page:

You can also review the Drift Atlas PowerPoint lecture:

Okay, have a great weekend.