Sunday, March 22, 2009

Drift 1 Final Crit

Hello, all.

Welcome back! I hope Spring Break treated you all well.

We meet tomorrow (Monday, March 23rd) in the Lab Rooms for the Final
Crit for Drift 1. Attendance is mandatory.

Please make sure that everything is up and running on your Drift 1
Blogs, and that your sounds are linked via PantherFile. Remember, we
should be able to view your Drift 1 Blogs from ANY computer, not just
the one you are using.

We will be viewing your blogs from the Course Directory, so please make
sure the link next to your name correctly direct us to your blog:

Here are the Lab Rooms:

* Lab 1, B-91, Emir Cakaroz
* Lab 2, B-18, Sean Kafer
* Lab 3, B-75, Joe Sacco
* Lab 4, B-68, Heidi Spencer

See you all tomorrow.