Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update for Monday, September 24

On Monday, September 24, we will meet in MUS 180 for a lecture/demo on managing your sound files (transferring your recordings using SonicStage, editing in Audacity, uploading to PantherFile, and creating/posting your Trek 01 Blog).

(Don't worry about bringing your laptops--you wont need them.)

As of this evening, I'm still missing Start Points from 38 of you. Here is the URL for the master GoogleMap (if you don't see your name or Start Point, e-mail me ASAP):

I have also updated the course directory, so now there should be no further questions about your lab or instructor(s):

Alex Torinus will lead a pre-class mic troubleshooting workshop in B-18, starting from about 1:30 PM. She will shut down the workshop just before 3 PM so that participants can get back over to MUS 180 for the start of class. If you still need to finish your windscreens, if one of your soldered wires popped loose, or if you have any other issues, go to this workshop to finish your mics. This will be the last workshop before our practice recording session on Wednesday and before you officially go out on Trek 01, so finishing your mic rig on Monday is CRITICAL.

A reminder to send any technical questions about computer hardware or software to the Technical Forum:

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