Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trek 02 Final Clips Crit

Hello all,

Just a reminder of today's mandatory critique session for your final cut silent videos. Here is the schedule:

Lab 1, B-56, Lilly Czarnecki
Lab 2, B-65, Scott Foley
Lab 3, B-91, Julie Murray and Alex Torinus
Lab 4, B-68, Steve Wetzel
Lab 5, B-18, David Witzling

I've sent an e-mail to University Information Technology Services requesting that your PantherFile allotments be increased. Until that happens, make sure to empty the trash (in the left column under "Utilities"). Also, make sure you are exporting your .mov clips at 320 x 240, and that your sound clips are in MP3 format and not WAV.

One other workaround for those working in Windows Moviemaker: convert your .wmv files to .mov by "saving" your Movimaker clip as an .avi file and then using MPEG Streamclip to convert to .mov:

See you this afternoon.