Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crit Sessions for Trek 02 Rough Cut Clips

Hello all.

Tomorrow we meet in the Lab Sections to critique your rough clips for Trek 02. Make sure your clips (along with your image capturing strategies) are posted to your Trek 02 blog, and remember that your blog must follow the format posted on the Course Directory.

Here is the schedule for Monday:

Lab 1, MUS-180, Lilly Czarnecki
Lab 2, B-65, Scott Foley
Lab 3, B-91, Julie Murray and Alex Torinus
Lab 4, B-68, Steve Wetzel
Lab 5, B-18, David Witzling

Please note that all clips must be in the .mov format before being uploaded to your PantherFile and posted to your blog. If you have had to use Windows MovieMaker for whatever reason (not recommended, but acceptable in a pinch), you must convert your clips from the .wmv format to .mov using one of the following free converters.

We will be viewing rough clips from the Course Directory, so make sure everything is posted and works.

Remember to make screenshots of your video thumbnails as covered in this online tutorial (scroll down for the right links).