Friday, October 19, 2007

Trek 02 Update

We tried to find a workaround to get AvidFreeDV to run on Mac Intel, but it appears that we're out of luck. So, for those who are working with Mac Intel, here are some options:

(1) AvidFreeDV on one of the computers in MIT 353 or B-18
(2) HyperEngine-AV
(3) Quicktime Pro
(4) iMovie

HyperEngine-AV is an interesting app, with a large workspace where you can arrange all of your clips and move them around at will. It also has an effects menu to adjust brightness, contrast, RGB, etc.

Quicktime Pro is a powerful little app, as you noticed with Lilly's demo showing how to import still-image sequences. It's also relatively easy to piece together multiple clips by copying/cutting and pasting one clip into another.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what app you use to make your art, since the proof is in the work itself. As long as you can become familiar with your footage, make confident decisions about your "in" and "out" points, find interesting and unique patterns in movement and shape, and build strong clips from effective edits, then use whatever tools will work.

And, for those who are working with PCs (or non-Intel Macs), we encourage you to give AvidFreeDV and Quicktime Pro a shot before going to MovieMaker (or iMovie).

I hope that you've all gathered your Trek 02 material by now (or will be doing so this weekend). We will have help sessions on Monday and Wednesday, and we can help you more effectively if you already have some significant work in progress.

Here is the Help Session schedule:

B-18, Steve (available: two PCs, two to four Macs, bring-your-own laptops)
B-68, Lilly (available: two Macs, BYO laptops)
B-56, Scott, Julie, and Alex (available: ten Macs, two PCs, BYO laptops)
B-65, David (BYO laptops)
MUS 180 (B-91 on Wed), Glenn (general help with analyzing and selecting imagery, and organizing work-in-progress on Trek 02 Blogs--we will be viewing your work from your blogs, so make sure everything is posted and works)

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you on Monday.