Monday, October 22, 2007

Video Help Session Follow Up

Just a quick note to clarify the Trek 02 requirements.

The five "rough cut" clips are meant to be one or two steps removed from the raw footage pulled from your camera. Consider these rough cut clips as "sketches" where you experiment with the results of your light-capturing strategies, finding interesting patterns, movements, textures, etc. Pick the best moments from these sketches and make three "final cut" silent films. These three silent films can come directly from three of the rough cut clips, or mix and match the five rough-cuts to make the best three final cut films possible.

At least one of the rough cut sketches must be built from still images, but the three final cut silent films may or may not contain stills.

In both versions, only basic edits and minor effects are allowed (no wipes, dissolves, or other instantly recognizable, non-essential effects/transitions).

Your Trek 02 Blog will thus be organized as follows:

Post 1: Light Capturing Strategy #1 (at the bottom of the page)
Post 2: Light Capturing Strategy #2
Post 3: Rough Cut Clip #1
Post 4: Rough Cut Clip #2
Post 5: Rough Cut Clip #3
Post 6: Rough Cut Clip #4
Post 7: Rough Cut Clip #5
Post 8: Silent Film #1
Post 9: Silent Film #2
Post 10: Silent Film #3 (at the top of the page)

As of this afternoon, there were only a few students who had posted clips to their Trek 02 blogs, and no one showed up to my help session. So, Wednesday, I will meet one-on-one with students in B-18 to discuss/analyze your rough cuts or raw footage. Bring your work on your laptop, CD-R, or external drive. Steve will also be in B-18 to help with editing. David will meet in B-68 with students with laptops. Lilly, Julie, Alex, and Scott will be in B-56.

The rough-cut clips must be posted to your blogs by beginning of class on Monday, October 29th, when we crit the rough cuts. You will use the feedback from these crits to help you finalize your final cut silent films. These must be posted to your blog by the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 31, when we crit the final cut films. You will use this feedback to improve your silent films by the final deadline for Trek 02, Sunday, November 4, 5 PM.

Check the Course Directory to make sure your Trek 02 URL is accurate.

Please note that when using Blogger, you must use Firefox as your browser. Do not use Safari when authoring in Blogger, because not all of the button icons show up in Safari. You can, and should, still check your published Blog page in different browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer) and on both Mac and PC to see how it looks under different conditions.

That's it for now. See you on Wednesday.