Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Course for Spring 2008

Hello, all.

Here is a brief description for an interesting new course being offered this Spring: "Action! Determining the Actor: Video, Performance and Installation." I'm including the announcement from the instructor, Kimberly Miller, as well as a link to a PDF flyer.


I'm writing to you as an adjunct new to UWM in spring
2008 to pass along my class info entitled 'Action!
Determining the Actor: Video, Performance and
Installation', FILM 203, LEC 303, Wed. 6-9.50pm. We
will examine how the forms of video & film,
performance art and installation determine the
subject, and how subject, language, action and public
are constructed and construct these genre. Artists
studied range from William Pope.L to Yvonne Rainer to
Yoko Ono to Bertoldt Brecht. There will also be a
final project due, as well as readings throughout the

No previous film or video class is required, nor is
the class limited to film students. I'd be happy to
share the syllabus with you, and if you'd be so kind,
please pass along this email or the attached course
description to anyone you may think would be

Thank you,
Kimberly Miller

Flyer PDF