Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trek 03 Individual Critiques

Hello all.

I hope all is going well in your Research Groups.

As we progress through Trek 03, we will be having three days of one-on-one critiques of your Trek 03 drafts, beginning Wednesday, November 21. The sign-up sheets are posted on my office door (B-60). Find the sheet for your Lab section and pick a slot (first-come, first-served). If the sheet is full, additional crits can be made individually with your lab instructor during office hours, or with me during my hours (MW 10-11AM), or during class time.

Remember that you can find your lab section in the Course Directory.

Make sure your three rough-cut sketches of sound/image relationships you are considering for your final sound video are posted to your Trek 03 blog by Wednesday, November 21, 3 PM.

I added the examples of Ten Questions from my lecture to the Trek 03 page.

I also added links to some freeware image/graphics editors (as alternatives to Photoshop or iPhoto) on the main syllabus page.

Good luck on your Trek 03 adventures, stay safe and warm, and have a great weekend.