Friday, November 9, 2007

Trek 03 Clarifications

A few quick clarifications on Trek 03. Pick a promising area you discovered on your previous walks to focus on for your material gathering sessions for Trek 03. This could be a particular site, a series of connected sites, a particular corridor/stage of your walk, or whatever. It must be specific, rich in possibility, and related in some way to your previous walks. What you do there and the types of footage/sounds you gather will depend on your answers to the Trek Assessments, your ten questions, and your Production Strategy.

You will then pull together three rough-cut sketches of image/sound experiments you are considering for development into your final sound video. Post them to your Trek 03 blog. Pick one (or blend two or more) of the ideas and refine into a well-considered piece.

Remember that this assignment is worth 350 points, so make it the best you possibly can. This means gathering LOTS of really FANTASTIC footage. Don't settle for trying to make the best out of only a few clips of somewhat boring material because that is all you had time to collect. Record much more than you think you will need.
(Imagine you are submitting this to a contest, say, the Wisconsin Film Festival, and the jurors are interested in seeing only your best work.)

Remember to backup your material. If you are using Avid, remember your OMFI folders.

Good luck on your Trek 03 walks. Stay warm and stay aware of your surroundings.