Friday, February 8, 2008

Drift 1 Strategies and Preparations

Hello, all.

Just a reminder to choose a Drift Strategy to structure your upcoming exploratory Drift walks. You will be posting your Drift Strategy on your Blog, so make sure it is a structure you feel good about. Here is the list of Strategies:

1. Algorithmic Walk

a) Second Left, First Right

b) Third Right, Second Left, Third Right

c) Zig zag: left, right, left, right

2. Roll dice to determine direction: 1-2: left, 3-4: right, 5: reverse direction, 6: cross street.

3. Stopwatch: make a change in direction every 5 minutes.

4. Map Overlay: Walk the streets of Milwaukee while using a map of Boston.

5. Take a hard-copy paper map of Milwaukee and fold it several times, including folds not corresponding to straight square folds. Make direction changes or focus particular attention on points on the map falling in an intersection of folds.

6. Draw a circle on the map. Walk every street inscribed within this circle.

7. Draw a circle on the map. Walk the perimeter of the circle as best you can.

8. Pick a starting point and ending point and draw a straight line between them. Follow this straight line as rigidly as you can.

9. Draw a square on the map. Navigate the area within this square by walking consecutively smaller squares within the original square.

10. Snake Technique: walk on one side of the street in one direction, go the opposite direction on the other side of the street, repeat on the next street over.

11. Create your own . . .

We will ask for a show of hands on Monday to ask how many of you need a demonstration on how to operate your MD recorders. If you want to get a head start, here, again, are the important steps to prep your recorder:

Make sure you are in Advanced Mode:
* Press and hold Menu for 2 Seconds.
* Rotate jog wheel until "Option" appears.
* Press "Enter" (middle button).
* Rotate to "Menu Mode," Enter.
* Rotate to "Advanced," Enter.

Make sure your discs are in Hi-MD mode (this will be set automatically if you are using a 1 GB Hi-MD disc):
* Menu
* Option
* Disc Mode
* Hi-MD

Make sure your discs are in Hi-SP mode:
* Menu
* REC Set
* REC Mode
* Hi-SP

Make sure you check your Mic Sensitivity:
* Menu
* REC Set
* Mic Sens
* “High” for general ambience
* “Low” for loud situations or very close mic

Make sure you are in Manual Gain mode while recording:
* Hold down Pause (II) and press REC (+>) (“Record Pause”)
* Menu
* REC Set
* REC Volume
* Manual
* You have to do this each time you hit STOP or power up your recorder.

All of the instructions for the Drift 1 assignment are posted on the Drift 1 page on the syllabus:

Have a safe, warm weekend, and we'll see you Monday in MUS 180.