Friday, February 8, 2008

Follow-up on past deadlines

Hello all.

Just a reminder that we still have quite a number of no-shows on the first three graded requirements for this class. To date, we have received only 56 replies for the Introductory Survey. This was due January 27th.

Only 61 students have registered for the Technical Forum. The deadline for this was January 30.

Only 41 students have posted the Tiny URL to their Drift Maps. This was due February 6.

You can still receive partial credit for following through on these. The Drift Map is worth 50 points, and won't be graded until the end of the semester, but it's important that you get it started now so that we can track your progress as you work through your Drifts. Your Drift Map URLs are linked on the Course Directory:

Monday, February 11, 3 PM, is the deadline to post your first Reflective Response on Mapping, choosing one article from Cresswell, Cross, Debord, Hiss, Lopate, Lippard, or This American Life. So far there are only six responses. If you decide to stay home this weekend rather than go out on your Drift walk, then you will have lots of time to finish your readings and craft your response.

Remember to bring your production kits, mics, headphones, minidisc, and batteries to class on Monday.

See you then.