Thursday, February 14, 2008

Drift 1 this weekend!

Hello, all.

There will be no soldering sessions this week. If you have any issues with your microphones or windscreens, e-mail your Lab Instructor to set up an appointment during office hours.

Because we lost a day due to the snow day last week, it is critical that you go out on your Drift 1 walk this weekend. We will have help sessions next week, so we need you to be well on your way in the process of transferring and processing your sounds before we can help you. The first deadline for Drift 1 is February 25, which doesn't leave you with a lot of time to procrastinate. If you have to prioritize what is most important among all of your classes, make 116 your top choice, at least for this weekend!

When you go out on your Drift walks remember to stay warm and watch your surroundings. It's really easy to slip on an icy sidewalk when you're focused on your recorder and mics.

Remember to check the Drift 1 page on the syllabus for further instructions:

Not that I wish to see any of you go, but the last day to drop this class without a "W" on your record is Monday, February 18. If things are just too crazy with the 18 units that you are taking (for example), and you're not sure you will be able to spend the necessary time on this class, then you should consider getting out while you can. I will be teaching 116 again this Summer and in the Fall.

Monday, February 18, is also the deadline for your second Reflective Response, this one on Sound. The articles from which to choose: Delahanty, Ferrington, Hill, Peterson, Russolo, Toop, Westerkamp.

Have a productive weekend, and we'll see you on Monday for the help sessions.