Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prep for Wednesday, February 13

Hello all.

We meet tomorrow, Wednesday, February 13, in MUS 180 for a series of demos: SonicStage, Audacity, PantherFile, and Blogger. Since these are the key applications you will be using for your Drift 1 assignment (and beyond) it is crucial that you not miss this important lecture.

We will have a last-minute soldering session either on Thursday or Friday, with a time to be determined. I'll let you know as soon as I have something pinned down.

A reminder about the MD Recorders. When you are out recording, and you are going back and forth between Pause and Record, it's important that you at some point press "Stop" and let the recorder save the file and write to disc. Don't jostle or move the recorder while this is happening . . . let it do what it needs to do. Don't remove the batteries (and hope that your batteries don't die) while the recorder is writing and saving or you will lose everything.

And when you do Stop, or turn your recorder on after it shuts itself off, you have to put the recorder back into Manual Gain mode:

* Hold down Pause (II) and press REC (+>) (“Record Pause”)
* Menu (hold for two seconds)
* REC Set
* REC Volume
* Manual

A reminder about e-mails. When you send an e-mail to me or your lab instructor, please include [08116] in the subject line so that we can recognize that the e-mail is from you and not some random spambot.

A reminder about the Drift Map. The TinyURL has to be posted as a comment to this post in the Course Blog:

Remember to keep up on your readings (thanks to those who have completed the first Reflective Response). Up next are Toop and Hill:

Okay, see you all tomorrow.