Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drift 2 Critique, Wednesday, March 26

Hello, all.

We meet tomorrow, Wednesday, March 26, for the second round of Drift 2 Critique Sessions, this time looking at your final silent videos. Again, attendance is mandatory.

We had quite a number of blogs that weren't posted on Monday, so I hope that more will be up and running now that Spring Break is a distant memory. For those who were able to show work Monday, hopefully you will have had an opportunity to follow up on some of the constructive criticism and suggestions you received. The same goes for any feedback you will get tomorrow.

Here is the schedule again:

Lab 1, B-91, David Witzling
Lab 2, B-65, Seth Warren-Crow
Lab 3, B-61, Steve Wetzel
Lab 4, B-68, Julie Murray
Lab 5, B-18, Lilly Czarnecki

Please note that we won't start grading Drift 2 until Friday, March 28, at 5 PM. After that, the Late Policy will go into effect.

We'll see you all tomorrow.