Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mandatory Drift 2 Crit, Monday, March 24

Hello, all.

I hope that you had a great Spring Break and that you're all rested for a return to your studies.

We meet tomorrow, Monday, March 24, in the Lab Sections for MANDATORY critique sessions. We will be going over the five rough-cut sketches on your Drift 2 blog (as well as any finished silent videos if there is extra time), so make sure your Drift 2 blog is up and running by 3 PM tomorrow. Make sure your blog is fully public by going to a different computer and accessing your blog (without being signed in to PantherFile or Blogger). This is one surefire method of ensuring that others can see your materials online, not just you.

Crit Schedule (attendance will be taken):
Lab 1, B-91, David Witzling
Lab 2, B-65, Seth Warren-Crow
Lab 3, B-61, Steve Wetzel
Lab 4, B-68, Julie Murray
Lab 5, B-18, Lilly Czarnecki

Remember that you are using the following format for your Drift 2 blogs: firstlast0811602. The Directory has been updated, so you can check your URL (as well as check that I got your URL correct):

The final deadline for Drift 2 is Friday, March 28, 5 PM.

A reminder to use [08116] in the subject line of your e-mails, and to CC your lab instructor when sending me a note.

Also, please check the Technical Forum as a first step in troubleshooting any hardware/software issues you may be having:

Please note that the Late Policy (25 points per day after the deadline) only applies to Drifts 1, 2, and 3. The Late Policy does not apply to the Reflective Responses, so if you haven't completed one or more of the Reflective Responses so far (Mapping, Sound, or Image), please get those done and posted. (You won't be penalized as part of the Late Policy, but you will be docked a few points on your Participation Grade for not meeting the original deadline.)

We'll see you tomorrow.