Sunday, April 27, 2008

Drift 3 Screenings, Production Kits due

Hello, all.

We meet tomorrow in MUS 180 for the first round of Drift 3 screenings. We will be selecting sound videos at random, so make sure your Drift 3 blogs are posted and finished by 3 PM. Attendance is mandatory.

Check the grading criteria for Drift 3 here:

You must turn in your Production Kits by this Wednesday, April 30, 3 PM, to the Equipment Room. Please don't be late on this. You will be docked 10 points from your Participation grade for every day the kit is late. If the Equipment Room does not receive your kit by the end of the semester, you will receive a 0 on your Drift 3 grade, the Film Department will put a hold on your records, you will be billed for the cost of replacing the kit, and you will be forbidden from checking out equipment in the future.

Looking forward to screening your work!