Monday, April 21, 2008

Individual Critiques, Drift Maps

Hello, all.

We continue today with Individual Critiques. If you haven't signed up for an appointment with your Lab Instructor, do so right away. The sign-up sheets are on my door, B60. These sessions are critical for you to receive feedback on your work-in-progress before we begin officially screening your final sound videos on Monday, April 28th. Please check the Drift 3 grading criteria to make sure you are hitting all the necessary marks.

A reminder that the Drift Maps are a graded feature of this course (50 points), and that your GoogleMap must include documentation of all three of your Drifts. I've been going through the Drift Maps throughout the semester, and I thought I'd point out some things to look for when fine-tuning your Drift Maps:

Jonathan L. and Dave M. color coded their Drifts.

Jordan S. included descriptive Drift experiences on various placemarks, and included links to the MP3s.

Justin T. used looser, thicker lines that look hand-drawn and give his Drift Map a lighter feel; his description of steps he had to take to faithfully execute his Drift Strategy made me think that I should remind you all not to risk your lives for your Drifts!

Andy S. included his Drift Strategy in the placemark description for his Starting Point.

William O. and Michael C. both inscribed shapes on the map according to their Drift Strategies (although I wish Michael had chosen larger areas to explore!).

The Drift Maps are due Monday, May 5, so you still have some time to fill in some blanks. You can review the Drift Map grading criteria here:

Okay, we'll hopefully see you soon.