Sunday, September 21, 2008

Field Recording Practice Session, Monday, September 22

Hello, all.

Thanks, again, for your patience with the microphone building sessions.
I hope that most of you are ready to go, and that the rest of you will
be on Monday.

We will meet tomorrow, Monday, September 22, at 3 in the Lab rooms for
the Field Recording Practice Session. I will be in B-18 for the
duration of class with the soldering gear for any last-minute adjustments.

Remember to bring your production kits, headphones, and some fresh
batteries. And, of course, your dazzling new microphones.

Check the Directory for your lab rooms:

Remember to keep up on your readings (Toop, Russolo):

I hope that you had a great weekend, and we'll see you tomorrow.



P.S. Here are the Minidisc menu shortcuts we will be going over tomorrow:

Make sure you are in Advanced Mode:
* Press and hold Menu for 2 Seconds.
* Rotate jog wheel until "Option" appears.
* Press "Enter" (middle button).
* Rotate to "Menu Mode," Enter.
* Rotate to "Advanced," Enter.

Make sure your discs are in Hi-MD mode (this will be set automatically
if you are using a 1 GB Hi-MD disc):
* Menu
* Option
* Disc Mode
* Hi-MD

Make sure your discs are in Hi-SP mode:
* Menu
* REC Set
* REC Mode
* Hi-SP

Make sure you check your Mic Sensitivity:
* Menu
* REC Set
* Mic Sens
* "High" for general ambience
* "Low" for loud situations or very close mic

Make sure you are in Manual Gain mode while recording:
* Hold down Pause (II) and press REC ("Record Pause")
* Menu
* REC Set
* REC Volume
* Manual
* You have to do this each time you hit STOP or power up your recorder.