Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SonicStage Overview, Audacity Demo

Hello, all.

Tomorrow, September 24, we meet in B91 for a SonicStage overview and
Audacity demo. I also hope to give a brief demo on GoogleMaps, if we
have time.

Speaking of maps, remember that your Drift 1 blog must contain (or link
to) a Drift Map of some sort that includes:

* the outermost boundaries of your walk (including an overall
reference to City and State)
* the line(s) of your walk as determined by your Drift strategy
* key soundmarks / landmarks pinpointed with markers or symbols
* descriptions of these soundmarks / landmarks
* date/time you explored this site

The Drift Map may be a drawing, painting, collage, comic, manipulated
photo, or GoogleMap, and will be the first post on your Drift 1 Blog
(followed by your Drift Strategy). Each of the five field recordings
you post on your Blog must be accompanied by some visual element: a
detail from your Drift Map, a photo of the site, a sketch, or whatever.
Be creative, and have fun.

If you haven't gone on your Drift walk yet, you should this weekend.
Drift 1 is not due until October 13, but it's important that you gather
your raw recordings now (and a lot of them!) so that you will have
plenty of time to listen, edit, post, and troubleshoot. Record more
than you think you need, and for longer than you think you need. You'll
be glad you did.

All of this information can be found on the Drift 1 page:

Remember to keep up with your readings. The first Reflective Response
must be posted to your Research blog by Sunday, September 28, 5 PM.
Pick one of the following articles for your Response: Cresswell, Cross,
Debord, Ferrington, Hart, Lippard, Russolo, This American Life, Toop,
Westerkamp. The questions, and links to the readings, can be found on
the Research page:

We'll see you tomorrow.