Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Drift 1 deadline change, Help Session #2

Hello, all.

After reviewing all of the Drift 1 Blogs yesterday, I calculated that
2/3 of the class had not created a Drift 1 Blog (47 of you), or had
initiated a Drift 1 Blog with no posts. This tells me (loud and clear)
that most of you are not far enough along on your Drift 1 projects, for
whatever reasons.

Therefore, I am pushing back the Drift 1 Final Crit until Wednesday,
October 15. Monday, October 13 will be dedicated to an additional Help
Session in B18.

As you realized during the Crits on Monday, it is hard to get a good
dialogue going about your work if there is no work to discuss. The
Crits are designed to give you twenty sympathetic viewers who will be
looking and listening to your work with a fresh perspective (which is
critical after you've been cooped up in your studio for so long, bonding
closely with your Drift 1 Blog and recordings).

So, make sure that your Drift 1 Blog is finalized, complete, perfect,
shiny, and brilliant by 3 PM on the 15th so that your Lab Instructor and
classmates will be able to properly experience your work and give you

We meet tomorrow for another Help Session in B18. We can look at your
work from your Drift 1 Blog (or PantherFile), or you can bring your
materials on a CD-R or external drive. All of us will be there to help
you with scanning, SonicStage, Audacity, Blogger, PantherFile, and
GoogleMaps. We are also available to listen to your field recordings
and help you make smart editing decisions.

[Note that I did not mention microphone issues. That's because we
expect you to have already completed your Drift walk and captured plenty
of raw recordings by now. If that isn't the case, you are way behind,
and you will need to scare up some serious hustle to get up to speed.]

See you tomorrow.