Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Year Film Students: Art-A-Thon and free pizza!

Just a reminder to all first-year Film students that Art-a-thon is
Friday, October 10 from 11:00 am – 2:30 pm. Registration is at 10:45,
MIT 323.

Please sign up for the various workshops. Choose two workshops, one from
11-12:15 and the other from 12:30-1:45. (If you have a class and can
only make one, please come anyway.) The sign up sheets are posted
outside Undergraduate Advisor Allison Cooke's office, MIT 323. Your
studio instructors will bring your class over to sign up.

Accepted Workshops for the 8th Annual Art-a-thon:
"Image Transfer and Collage"
"Creating Patterned Cloth"
"CS3 Extended Animation"
"Drawing into Printmaking/Mail Art"
"Character Development and Stop Motion Animation"
"Exquisite Digital"
"Flex Wax Casting"
"Andrew Goldsworthy"
"The Figure: Fractured, Collaged, Drawn, Painted"
"Trace Monotypes: Printmaking without a Press"
"Post-It Project"
"Exquisite Corpse"
"Animation Station (Phenakistoscopes)"
"Mapping Milwaukee: Drawing and Collective"
"Kinetic Drawing"
"Cardboard Habitat"

Bring your drawing boards with clips, paper, and drawing supplies.
(Almost all of you are in drawing this semester, but if you are not and
do not have these supplies, we will provide them.) Some workshop require
that you bring some images or research with you, so please read the
workshop description carefully. We will furnish all the other materials
needed. We have several different workshops, everything from life
drawing to image transfer to iron on t-shirt transfers to printmaking to
cardboard habitats and more. The first workshop is from 11:00 - 12:15
and the second is from 12:30 –1:45. The workshops are followed by a huge
exhibition and pizza party (with a drawing for prizes galore!). There
will also be an Art Fair during the pizza party with information about
Graphic Design, Art Education, the Laptop Initiative, PSOA Advisors,
Artist and Display and Utrecht Art Supply Stores, and more.

Also, bring music cds/ ipods if you want. We like music in all areas and
will have some cd players.

Plan to arrive at 10:45 to register in MIT 323.

This event is just for all of you. It will be a fun day to meet other
art students and instructors and to make art that is different from the
classroom assignments. Best of all: it is FREE!

Check out our posters around MIT and ART. They were created by Kathryn
Kemmis and Marie Finke, both former Pre Art Student now in Graphic Design.

We all look forward to making art with you that day. See you there.
Frankie Flood

Frankie Flood
Assistant Professor
Director of Foundations
Department of Visual Art
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2400 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53211