Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Production Kits, Mic Building, Drift 1

Hello, all.

Thank you for your patience yesterday with the microphone building. I
wish we had an unlimited supply of soldering wands and other equipment,
but we have to do our best with what we have. Remember that we will
have most of Wednesday and all of next Monday to finish your microphone

We meet Wednesday, February 11, at 3 PM sharp in B91. Brooke Swelstad,
Equipment Room Manager, will visit our class to distribute the FILM 116
production kits. Bring new or freshly charged batteries so you can test
out the MD recorder and camera. After the kits are distributed and all
of the contracts are signed, we will return to the Lab rooms to continue
building microphones.

Between now and Friday, you will need to make some decisions about your
Drift 1 walk. Pick a starting point and a Drift Strategy and post to
your Drift 1 blog. The deadline for this is Friday, February 13, 9 PM.
Check the Drift 1 page for more information:


Check the Course Directory to make sure you have the correct URL for
your Drift 1 blog:


Okay, we'll see you all on Wednesday.